Family Time!

Monday 14th December
We're back in Thailand after saying our final fairwell to Malaysia and have been enjoying cruising the beautiful waters of Phang Nga Bay for the last six weeks. Caroline's mum and younger brother flew out to phuket from England for a few weeks visit and for the first time we experienced cruising with a full boat. The rolling and creaking took a while for everyone to get used to, something we've become completely oblivious to meant a few sleepless nights for those who are used to sleeping in the peace and quiet of a house!
Keeping busy we explored many of Phang Nga bay's Hongs and caves by Kayaks and discovered some great beaches for snorkelling and just relaxing. During the third week of their visit we met up with Caroline's older brother 'Peter' and his new wife 'Lisa' who were also out in Thailand for their two week honeymoon. We spent two days with them in Krabi province on mainland Thailand, taking them out for a sail the first day then hiring a Jeep the second to drive out to one of the national park's in Krabi's Rainforest.
A bit of a family overload for Jimmy as this was the first time he'd met any of them but it all went perfectly and we were lucky to have great weather the whole time. Yesterday we took Tom to the airport for a final fairwell and once again after five weeks we're alone on Blue Moon. We've hired a car for two days to stock up at Phukets great supermarkets as we prepare to leave in January for the Med. So once again it's back to trying to figure out what we'll need on board to last us roughly four months especially for our long beat up the Red sea where we'll have little opportunity to replenish our fresh supplies.
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